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United States - Scott catalog listed stamps
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Scott#YearIssue/DesignFormatCat.CoverGradePrice (USD)
14185710¢Washington ty II - commentSingle StampUsedF-VF$100.00
17185112¢Washington - commentSingle StampUsedDamaged$20.00
17185112¢Washington - commentSingle StampUsedFine$65.00
33185710¢Washington - ty IIISingle StampUsedF-VF$80.00
36185712¢Washington perf 15 1/12Single StampUsedAverage$50.00
631861FranklinSingle StampUsedFine$3.00
631861FranklinSingle StampUsedF-VF$5.00
631861FranklinSingle StampUsedF-VF$5.00
631861Ben FranklinSingle StampUsedF-VF$5.00
631861Ben FranklinSingle StampUsedVery fine$5.00
631861franklinSingle StampUsedF-VF$5.00
631861Franklin - nice cancel-commentSingle StampUsedVery fine$16.00
651861George WashingtonSingle StampUsedF-VF$0.50
68186110¢Washington - pulled cornerSingle StampUsedDamaged$3.00
68186110¢Washington - commentSingle StampUsedDamaged$3.00
68186110¢WashingtonSingle StampUsedF-VF$6.50
68186110¢George WashingtonSingle StampUsedFine$6.50
68186110¢WashingtonSingle StampUsedF-VF$6.50
70186124¢George WashingtonSingle StampUsedPoor$25.00
70196124¢George Washington - commentSingle StampUsedDamaged$25.00
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