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United States - Scott catalog listed stamps
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Scott#YearIssue/DesignFormatCat.CoverGradePrice (USD)
118475 ¢FranklnSingle StampUsedF-VF$158.88
118475cFrankliinSingle StampUsedVery fine$210.00
11847FranklinSingle StampUsedEnvelopeFine$265.00
11847Franklin / 1 on coverSingle StampUsedF-VF$350.00
1a1847Frank.4 marginsCat.Val.$800+Single StampUsedNoneVery fine$350.00
1b18473 full margins-est.val.$1100+Single StampUsedNoneF-VF$350.00
2184710¢WashingtonSingle StampUsedNoneF-VF$335.00
2184710¢Washington / 2010 CertificateSingle StampUsedFine$450.00
61857FranklinSingle StampUsedAverage$9.99
71851Franklin type II blue cancelSingle StampUsedFine$49.00
71851FranklinSingle StampUsedF-VF$55.00
718511cFranklinSingle StampUsedVery fine$64.00
71851Ben FranklinHoriz PairUsedAverage$89.95
718511cFranklin on pieceSingle StampUsedOtherFine$90.00
71851FranklinSingle StampUsedNoneVery fine$99.00
71851Franklin / 8/8/07 CertificateSingle StampUsedFine$120.00
71851FranklinPlate Strip of 3UsedFine$165.00
71851Franklin - PF CertifiedSingle StampUsedSuperb$250.00
919041CMapSingle StampUnusedFine$1.10
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