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Liechtenstein - Scott catalog listed stamps
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Scott#YearIssue/DesignFormatCat.CoverGradePrice (USD)
1a19155hPrince Johann IISingle StampUsedF-VF$7.50
3a191525hPrince Johann IISingle StampUsedF-VF$75.00
419173hCoat of ArmsSingle StampUsedF-VF$0.65
519175hCoat of ArmsSingle StampCTOF-VF$0.50
519175hCoat of ArmsSingle StampUsedF-VF$0.65
6191710hPrince Johann IISingle StampCTOF-VF$0.50
6191710hPrince Johann IISingle StampUsedF-VF$0.65
7191715hPrince Johann IISingle StampCTOF-VF$0.50
7191715hPrince Johann IISingle StampUsedF-VF$0.65
8191720hPrince Johann IISingle StampCTOF-VF$0.50
8191720hPrince Johann IISingle StampUsedF-VF$0.65
9191725hPrince Johann IISingle StampCTOF-VF$0.50
9191725hPrince Johann IISingle StampUsedF-VF$0.65
10191820hPrince Johann IISingle StampCTOF-VF$0.75
10191820hPrince Johann IISingle StampUsedF-VF$1.00
1119205hSurchargeSingle StampUsedF-VF$3.25
12192010hSurchargeSingle StampUsedF-VF$3.50
13192025hSurchargeSingle StampUsedF-VF$3.50
14192040hSurchargeSingle StampUsedF-VF$3.50
1519201kSurchargeSingle StampUsedF-VF$3.00
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