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All Countries - Scott catalog listed stamps
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Scott#YearIssue/DesignFormatCat.CoverGradePrice (USD)
119201New Caedonie Stamp O/PSingle StampMHFine$0.30
11948½Map and Scene on AtafuSingle StampUsedFine$0.45
11963½ReindeerSingle StampMHFine$0.55
11963½M. V. Kista DanSingle StampMHFine$1.00
11942½Sultan Sir Saleh bin GhalibSingle StampUnusedFine$1.50
118971Egyptian O/PSingle StampMHFine$3.75
118921Italian Number O/PSingle StampMHFine$10.00
2198415Automobile TypesSingle StampMHFine$0.25
219241King George VSingle StampUsedFine$0.25
219646College of Further EducationSingle StampMHFine$0.25
219202New Caedonie Stamp O/PSingle StampMHFine$0.30
21942¾Sullan Ja'farSingle StampMHFine$0.60
219631South Sandwich Islands map.Single StampMHFine$1.75
219161Great Britain Stamp O/PSingle StampMHFine$2.25
218493Broken CircleSingle StampUsedFine$3.50
218493Broken CircleSingle StampUsedFine$3.50
3198415Automobile TypesSingle StampMHFine$0.25
319204New Caedonie Stamp O/PSingle StampMHFine$0.50
318411Queen VictoriaSingle StampUsedFine$24.00
3b184920CeresSingle StampUsedFine$225.00
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