How Stamps2Go Works

Stamps2Go is a new concept for connecting philatelic buyers and sellers. Our reasons for launching the Stamps2Go site are described in Why Stamps2Go. What makes Stamps2Go different from the myriad of stamp dealer and auction sites that already exist on the net? The easiest way to explain is to describe how Stamps2Go works.

Stamps2Go is a non-auction marketplace where collectible stamps are bought and sold. Anyone can browse our site, and view the listing of stamps for sale. If you are a seller, you may add your stamps for sale to our listing for free - there is no listing fee. This can easily be done using our item entry form.

To buy stamps, you select items you wish to purchase from the stamp listing, and add them to your shopping cart. The items in your cart may be from several different sellers. When you are ready to check out, we will list all the items in your cart, grouped by seller. You will be charged a set shipping charge for each seller from which you are buying.

The amounts charged for shipping are set by Stamps2Go, so there won't be any surprises. Every seller must agree to accept these set amounts as part of the Seller Agreement. This policy establishes a level playing field where buyers won't have to shop for specific sellers to get a fair shake on shipping costs.

It should be obvious, however, that purchasing multiple items from the same seller will help reduce your total shipping cost. This incentive also works to the benefit of sellers, because it is cost effective for them to sell more than one item at a time. Since buying more than one item from the same seller is advantageous for both buyer and seller, we make it easy to view all items from a particular seller. Simply click on the "View other items from this seller" button while you are shopping.

All payments at Stamps2Go are made through the PayPal payment service, either as a PayPal transfer or a credit card transaction. Why do we insist on using PayPal? The short anwswer is that it enables us to instantly confirm your purchase, and transfer funds to the seller. For the long answer, see the section Why do we use PayPal?.

The entire process of logging on to Stamps2Go, shopping for stamps, checking out and making payment can be accomplished in just a few minutes. No waiting for an auction to end. No shopping all over the internet for the best prices. And no worrying about how much the shipping and handling charges will be.

When your transaction is complete, we will send you an E-mail confirming your purchase. We will also send the seller(s) an E-mail with the details of your purchase.

The seller(s) will package and ship the items to you by first class mail or airmail letter post. When the order has been shipped, the seller(s) must log on to Stamps2Go to finalize the sale and provide us with the shipping date. When this is done, we will transfer the sale proceeds to their account. We will also send the buyer an E-mail advising him of the shipping date for the items ordered from this seller.

When the buyer receives his order, he should check to make sure everything is as advertised. There is no need to post "positive feedback" about the seller. At Stamps2Go we consider a sale completed without any disputes to be evidence enough of positive feedback.

If the buyer does have a problem with the items received, or if he does not receive the items, he may lodge a complaint with Stamps2Go. The seller will be notified of the complaint, and Stamps2Go will provide both buyer and seller with each other's E-mail address so that they can resolve the dispute. When the dispute is resolved to the satisfaction of the buyer, he should clear the complaint with Stamps2Go. Any complaints remaining unresolved will cause negative feedback to be posted to the seller's account.